Sunday, December 12, 2010

It was wonderful of these people to be so encouraging, and I include their messages here.

'I recommend this, it has writing from several experienced Navigator skippers plus Roberts excellent text, lots of pics both of boats in build and of completed boats. While the subject matter is the Navigator of my design its good reading if you are an amateur boatbuilder, an aspiring dinghy cruiser or just interested in small boats.

Thanks Robert for the huge compliment.'
John Welsford

'I read parts of an early version of this book and it is absolutely fabulous.
Everything from the layout and art to the choice of stories to Robert's own
insightful writing is worth every penny. And frankly I think this book
really applies to any of John's designs and belongs under a whole bunch of
Christmas trees this year (and next year). I'm just sayin'.


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